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Our school curriculum reflects the way in which our school puts into practice the policy set out in the national curriculum statements. However, it is also flexible because of the varying and unique needs of our students who may have a combination of intellectual, sensory and physical impairments.

We take into account local needs, priorities and resources. The curriculum has been designed in consultation with our school’s community.

The Individual Education Programme (I.E.P.) process for our students provides the strongest direction for determining our community’s curriculum expectations.

At Kaka Street we offer an integrated curriculum approach which offers a broad range of opportunities that reflect the learning styles, stages and needs of our students. Our students are not always familiar with everyday concepts which the New Zealand Curriculum (N.Z.C.) model assumes. At Kaka Street the curriculum works to provide learning experiences that work toward, or move through the progressions of the NZC. This is done through relevant and meaningful contexts which support generalising and transference of concepts and skills. At secondary age, our students move from learning which is focussed on skills acquisition to a more functional focus to support their transition from school to a range of adult settings including vocational settings.


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